Old school Easter eggs.



Creating A Webpage. I presume that you have at least read the basic html tags but you don't know how to start making your first web page. Well, this is for you. Observe the syntax and structure. Don't you worry too much if you can't do it at once, you'll get familiar as you go along. Here it is:
<title>title of page here</title>

<p>text text text and more text here</p>


Observe that it starts with <html> to declare the script that you are using is html, then the <head>, followed by <title>. Both <head> and <title> are closed, e.g, </head> and </title>, respectively before going into the <body>. You can put texts and more contents (we'll tackle this later) inside the <body> then close it with </body> if nothing more to fill in. Finally, close it with </html> to declare the page you are making is done.

If it is your first page, it is named usually as ïndex"by default, thus no need to name it as such.