Free Online Logo Generators. Based on my personal experience, it's really hard for me up to now to find and create a logo based on my taste that could also identify with my website. That's why my site logo is ever-changing like i'm changing my clothes. What you see now is the nth time already and might not be the same the next time you'll take a visit. I'll bet on that! Really! hahaha!

There are only two popular free logo generator online that could give you right away your urgent stuff - Cooltext and Flamingtext. Of course, there are lesser popular sites hosting the same services but the 2 mentioned above are the ones widely-used by wapsite owners. If you don't have yet, try making one and experiment some variations using different fonts, styles, colors, etc.

Creating A Better One.

Are you not satisfied yet? For myself, i re-discovered how to do the trick. That old MS Windows Paint that goes along with my lappie when i bought it. There i go playing with plenty of font styles and designs. So i ended up least, for the meantime. Try it also for yourself. You can do it at the internet cafe if you don't own a PC. Maybe this time you'll be satisfied. Or is it?

Image Resizing. There are available image resizing services offered by host sites if ever you have problems related to this. Maybe the image you want to put in your web page is too large and overflowing or, too small that you cannot either see it clearly or it's not just the size you want it to appear. This is if the image width and height values you've coded didn't worked out.

Our very own XTGem has a tool on this, so you can consult it right away. Check it at the bottom of the page. And there are of course several hosts to turn to which i've listed below. Check it out.

  1. PicResize
  2. Resizer


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