Duck hunt


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Why Hack? My friend was so disturbed about his girlfriend. He told me that there have been suspicious activities that she's doing recently. He's suspecting that his gf had another guy linked to her and they frequently see each other unaware... And he want to know some proof.

A beautiful lady share the same story with his bf alleged to be dating someone else. But no proof either.

A young man was laid off from his work with no apparent reason. He wants to take revenge against his company...

A high school dropout prefer to be with his gang hooked with illegal activities including hacking via rented computers in shops... Such stories are some of the reasons motivated people to be hackers or attackers.

And how will you be hacked?A weak password can easily be hacked by anyone who had the intention to open it. I, myself, might be able to guess it. How? Consider the following...i bet i'm making sense why i can discover your password: