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There are various ways and host sites where you can download mp3s and videos for your web sites legally. Now you don't have to worry of your web site being padlocked for harboring copyrighted materials. You've opted for a free downloads-type site of your own and you love it being this way, it's just that you only don't know maybe how to acquire those audio/video materials for your site. Well, this might be the solution to your problem. Check it out!

  1. Dilandau.
  2. This host site is cool and you can see right away some of the most popular songs you can download. Just highlight it, right click, then "save link as" to your desktop or folder, wherever you want to save. You can listen to the music first before downloading so that you can select which songs are good and suits your taste. You can search any songs of your choice at the address box provided.
  3. YourMP3.
  4. This site is really cool. I like it. Aside from the usual lists of popular songs, it also have archives, albums, singles, and lyrics of your favorite songs. The search box has a dropdown menu to select from artist, song, album, and lyrics. There are related tools also provided where you can download it free or buy. And for wapmasters, you can copy and paste any of the 2-type MP3 Search Code into your site - the "slim" type or the Custom type. I recommend the latter.
  5. MP3Air.
  6. It provides also a free "copy and paste" MP3 Search Box code for your site. There are some recommended links therein which you can try - from free chat and chatrooms, IMs, email, to email hosting and proxy server services. Just check it out.

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